Consumer Unit Replacement Cost In Derby – Is Your Fuse Box Safe?

The Cost of a Replacement Consumer Unit

If you are wondering how much a consumer unit replacement cost will be then please read on. In this article, I will refer the the consumer unit as a fuse box, just so it keeps things simple for you, as the term fuse box is what most people are most familiar with.

Your fuse box (consumer unit) is one of the most important technical aspects of your house. It controls the power coming into your home and keeps you and your family safe.

If you are looking to get your fuse box replaced, this article will give you the four main reasons why you may need a new fuse box, and will also run down the prices of how much it will cost to replace your fuse box.

Consumer Unit Replacement Cost Derby

As you may know, your fuse box, sometimes known as a consumer unit, is normally located close to your property entrance. As we mentioned earlier, the fuse box controls all of the electrical circuits that run through your home and in an emergency,  you can turn off the entire supply.

What Does a Fusebox Consist Of?

Have you ever opened up and looked inside your fuse box? If you have, you may have noticed three key components:

– A main switch. This is the key switch that you need to turn off all of the electrical supply to your house if you ever needed or wanted to do so.

  • You will also see fuses or circuit breakers. These control the individual circuits within your home. So, you will see, and normally they are labelled, switches for various circuits; ie, upstairs lights, kitchen supply etc
  • You will also see something known as an RCD. This stands for Residual Current Device and is a safety mechanism. This monitors the electricity flowing through the circuits. Once it detects a fault, the RCD will automatically switch the circuit off and prevent injury or fire and will ensure you and your family are safe.

Why You Should Replace Your Consumer Unit.

  1. The biggest reason people look to replace their fuse box or come to us for quotes on the replacement of fuse boxes is down to electrical safety. Unfortunately, some older fuse boxes do not have an RCD within them. As we discussed earlier, an RCD is crucial for you and your family’s safety as it monitors the flow of current and shuts off if any small leakage currents occur. This can help to stop electrocution and injury.
  2. Perhaps you are looking to have your fuse box replaced as a reaction to something going wrong within your home. Normally, symptoms that would suggest you need to replace your fuse box are seen as your lights flickering, or unresponsive sockets perhaps. If you are looking to replace your fuse box, or are looking for an electrician within Derby to give you expert advice, do be sure to get in touch.
  3. Many old fuse boxes still contain asbestos. Asbestos fibres are of course known to be very harmful if breathed in. Once again, our experienced team of electricians can help to advise and guide you on what to do if you suspect your old fuse box contains asbestos.
  4. Even if your fuse box is more than 10 years old, you may find that some of the older fuses are deteriorating and perhaps need to be replaced. We are always happy to look at and check over your fuse box to ensure it is in the best condition to keep you and your family safe.

You may be relieved to know that the cost to replace a fuse box or consumer unit is much more cost-effective than you think. After all, sometimes you cannot put a price on the safety of your family and your loved ones.

The first step is free, in which we will come out and assess and survey your fuse box to ensure that it does need replacing; we wouldn’t want to conduct the work if you didn’t need to. From here, we will then sit down with you and discuss your options and work out a clear and fixed price to cover the work.

From there, we will arrange a good time and date to suit you and your routine. The work can normally take around two-thirds of a day so our engineers are ready to be on site all day to ensure a clean and thorough job.

Typically, you can expect your consumer unit replacement to cost you from £599

As mentioned throughout this entire consumer unit replacement cost article, your consumer unit, or fuse box, is the vital piece of safety equipment that you need in your house to keep you and your family safe and to ensure that everything in your house runs smoothly. Do not neglect your fuse box and if you need any further advice, or if you are looking for a fully certified and professional electrician in Derby then do be sure to get in contact with us here

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